Monday, 22 February 2016

Parts 1 & 2 of ALL NEW Double Album "Wake Up, It's Not Over" NOW Available EVERYWHERE

My new album "Wake Up, It's Not Over" has arrived in two awesome parts!

Why two parts I hear you cry?

Well, after just one weekend in Massachusetts with the awesome Jay Mayo, I had enough content for one great album.

Then, checking at home, I almost had enough songs for a whole second album and, indeed, after a few more recordings, I did!

All the songs are on a similar theme and so it made sense to package them all together but, also, I wanted the weekend of work Jay and I did to stand out alone, as it has a different sound to the songs I did myself at home. So, two parts, I thought, that works.

Both parts are available, in their entirety, to stream and buy on Bandcamp:
Part One
Part Two

However, because Part One had some cover songs on it, when I uploaded the albums to Spotify, iTunes etc. I removed the cover songs and pushed the two parts together into one album.
This hybrid album is available for streaming and/or purchase on:
Google Play
and wherever music is found

Please please please don't forget to rate, review and share the albums wherever and whenever possible!! THANKS!

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