Friday 5 February 2016

Part One of ALL NEW Double Album "Wake Up, It's Not Over" NOW Available

Part one of this two part album, "Wake Up, It's Not Over", was recorded at the Hold The Mayo Studios in Sutton, Massachusetts, over a 4 day weekend, as a collaboration with awesome stand up comedian and musician, Jay Mayo.
Saturday saw the East Coast hit with Snowmageddon 2016 and so we hunkered down and recorded everything we could from original compositions to covers.

6 new compositions, 4 covers and 4 demos make up this new album:

1. Cold City Love Song
2. Kris Kristofferson
3. One Great City (by The Weakerthans)
4. Another Case of Hate, Carry or Kill
5. Michael Myers Resplendent (by The Mountain Goats)
6. Proceed With Caution (by The New Amsterdams)
7. The Ballad of Wayne LaGraw
8. Kansas City (by The New Basement Tapes)
9. Bring Your Dog To Work Day
10. First Night Somethings
11. Cold City Love Song (Demo)
12. Kris Kristofferson (Demo)
13. Bring Your Dog To Work Day (Demo)
14. First Night Somethings (Demo)

The album is currently only available on Bandcamp HERE but will be coming to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. after the release of Part Two Soon.

Please take a listen, pick up a copy and share with all your friends!

Delightful album art by Kimberly Taylor!

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