Thursday, 7 July 2016

New Album "ALMOST NAKED" Now Available on BANDCAMP & iTUNES

I am really happy to announce my new album "Almost Naked" is here!

Over the last year I have been recording song ideas on my ukulele into my phone and including the odd uke demo on my new releases.
Often I liked those demos as much, if not more, than the finished song.

So with this release I took 16 demos, some serious, some silly, some fun, all of which were recorded on my phone and, in some cases, added some extra instruments and in some cases left them naked.

In the case of "Take This Shortcut With Me" I had recorded some subway drumming on my phone, in New York's Union Sq station, I looped that and played the song, into my phone, of course, over the top of it.

The result, I hope, is a rough and ready, joyful and engaging experience.

Stream it & buy it on BANDCAMP
Sample it & but it on iTUNES

Spotify, Google Play, Amazon etc. COMING SOON!


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