Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Badtime Banjolele released in TWO Versions

"10 VERY jolly songs about REALLY painful shit."

This year the plan is to release as many 10 track themed albums as possible. So we had the Weekend Album written and recorded in a weekend, The Pleasencing! all about Donald Pleasence and now Badtime Banjolele!

This album started off simply as the idea:
“what if I just do an album, 10 tracks, written and performed only on the banjolele?" It seemed like something of a fun challenge for me. Well what emerged was something that I personally consider, with no hint of ego or hyperbole, some of my best stuff.

I am so happy with the songs on the album, in fact, that I am releasing two versions, a regular ten track edition and a special edition with 6 song demos and a whole extra bonus track.

The name of the album started as a joke. The idea was that I would call it Bedtime Banjolele because there’s nothing sexy about a banjo uke and then that became Badtime Banjolele just because I liked the connotation of that and it sounded a bit like Ragtime. As the songs emerged, though, the title just seemed more and more appropriate!

I really really hope you love the album too and spread it around, share it, talk about it but most of all listen to it! listen to it as much as possible!
Thank you so much for all your support

The album is currently available on
Google Play

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